M&S Shwop Lab: Unpick and Remix

Last Month i was invited to design and deliver a workshop package for Marks and Spencer's new Shwopping campaign. An interactive fashion lab was curated hosting a series of events ranging from Debates, Workshops and Design Challenges.

I attended a debated between Dr Kate Fletcher (Designer / Reader in Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion) and Dr Mike Barry (Marks and Spencer). This provocative conversation provided a deep insight into the complexity surrounding sustainable fashion from two very different perspectives.

This debate addressed the word or even term 'Sustainability' and challenged what it actually means to be sustainable for both a consumer and a brand. Kate identified the importance of language and referenced the word 'Flourish' to compose a new narrative for sustainability and claimed she preferred to define consumers as citizens. The people behind the products are really important in inspiring and initiating change within consumer culture.

I delivered my co-creation workshop on the final day of the exhibition and facilitated with the support of two brilliant Ma Fashion and the Environment Course at London College of Fashion - Hannah van Grimbergen and Bianca Thoyer Rozat.

The concept was titled Unpick and Remix and enabled participants to curate their own fashion looks to develop new concepts. This was achieved with the support of social media, we used pin interest to co-develop a collection of online mood boards. These were expanded upon to unpick discarded clothing and remix new looks using a range of fashion de/reconstruction methods.

This was experimental and defined through a re-actionary approach. The public participants were central the process and played a pivotal role in influencing the final outcomes. I hope to adapt this concept some more through future workshops. The interplay between curation and co-creation is something social media has the potential to support the exchange of skills on a much larger scale.

A big thank you to Marks and Spencer and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion for inviting me to be involved. Also thanks to the public participants who came along, I enjoyed meeting and working with you on the day.